How to Rev Your Metabolism
Seven steps to help you burn calories and burn fat

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Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday. I spent my holiday with my dad in Chicago, watching the Cubs at legendary Wrigley Field. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. You couldn't get a better environment for a sporting event on the 4th of July. To begin the game, they had 30-40 servicemen and women from all branches of the military come onto the field carry the largest American flag I have ever seen. Before the national anthem, all those military personnel stretched the flag so it hovered the ground and made for a very patriotic scene in a very proud American city. As the game neared the end...

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Hope everyone survived from last week after the holiday. I know it is always difficult to get back into the swing of things when you have been out of town or had family in town or you just were kicking back relaxing. Summer has flown by and by the time we know it, it will be Christmas time again. I digress, however. Here is to a great week and continued great month of July.

Onto the topic at hands...muscle.

I posted the above picture this week on both my personal Facebook page and the Aspire page, to great feedback. It essentially shows six different bodies, who all weigh the exact same and are the same height. But how could that be? How could the same person weigh the same, be the same height and look completely d...

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What is Causing Your Headaches?
4 Reasons it is your nutrition
Transformation Nation,

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to attack Monday like nobody's business. The year is flying by and the holidays will be here before you know. The time to be consistent and focused is important. What you do now, will effect what you do later.

We have all had headaches at some point or another in our lives. Some literal and some figuratively (haha). But what is a headache? And more importantly, what causes a headache?

A headache is not actually a pain within the brain, or the brain does not have pain sensors. The pain is caused by a disturbance to pain sensitive tissues around the brain. Nine areas around the head and neck have these pain sen...

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Stop Comparing Yourself
Everyone is different

Transformation Nation,

Judging by the title, you may not think this will not be a fitness or nutrition related post. I, however, believe fitness is 100% tied to our self esteem and how we feel about ourselves rather than actually picking up weights or doing cardio. We exercise to feel better about ourselves and ultimately give ourselves more self esteem and confidence. Why do you think so many people take gym selfies? Let's be honest, its not a workout if you don't record it right? I'm being sarcastic...obviously.

BUT...I am serious about fitness tying into our psyche. As our bodies improve our self esteem should improve as well, right? If you only compared yourself to yourself you would find ...

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The New Fat Burner

Transformation Nation,

This entry marks the 50th Fit Tips in this email chain's history. I am proud that I have only missed one week since starting this trend over a year ago and I am hopeful people enjoy reading these. As always, I am up for suggestions of other topics you would like to see, just answer back to this email and I will put it on the topic chart. Now onto business at hand...

On the paradigm of "fat less" principles we often focus on nutrition and exercise as the most important. However, we often forget about the recovering aspect, more specifically sleep and its important on muscle growth, fat loss and overall health. In fact, 30% of Americans sleep less than the recommended amount (7-9 hours). Pair ...

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Never Give Up

Good evening,

I write a lot. I write more than I read. I write on real life happenings, mostly on fitness, nutrition and motivation. My world inspires my writings. This entry is no different. You may like this entry, you may not but it applies to us all. Each day we are presented with a choice to keep going on some things or to quit and give up. This is a blog inspired by someone going through an unimaginable amount of pain and sorrow, to the degree most will never know. The pain is lots but her spirit will never be broken. #teamawesome

We all are under the understanding that life is not fair, it can be cruel and unjust at times and if you are not careful it can beat you to the ground, if you let it. Some things don'...

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Depression and Fitness
Working Out as Medicine

Transformation Nation,

I recently read an article about the rapper Eminem and his personal struggles and how he dealt with his depression. The rapper was addicted to sleeping and pain pills and was in personal turmoil but he found solace in working out. He lifted weights and ran to cope with his personal pain and finally was able to deal with his depression and other personal issues. This article got me thinking...a lot. With so many people suffering in this world, can and how can fitness be used as a vehicle to to improve our mental health? The obvious answer is yes but I also have to be honest with myself, as I know this all too well.

Time to get real...

For whatever reason, whether it be h...

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Nutrition without Counting Calories
Different Methods to Help with Nutrition Changes
Transformation Nation,

Good evening. Tonight I am in sort of a writing quandary. The last two entries are arguably my best work, due to the feedback and statistics I have received. I greatly appreciate those that like what I write sharing the material with others and providing feedback to me on what you think. It also, leaves me with writer's block thinking about what I can due to top them. Those pieces were personal and from the heart, you can't out play that, they were special. So...I come back with a favorite topic of mine, nutrition. Let's go!

Lets be real here, we all hate talking about what we eat. We either don't want to talk about it because our nu...

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Eat This Not That
If Absolutely Necessary, What Could I Eat Out?

TEAM Transformation Nation,


It is December. You are out at night holiday shopping with your kids. It is cold and you are starving. You worked all day and rushed home to pick up the kids so you could go shopping. Traffic is awful. It is 9 pm at night and you have not eaten since your noon lunch break. You have screaming, hungry kids. You do not have protein powder because you left it at home and there is no where to get a Quest bar. What do you do?

The above happens all the time. It has happened to me (minus the kids) and I am sure it has happened to all of you. The options are stop somewhere and eat or not eat at all. I do not believe ...

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