12 Steps to Fitness as a Business Professional


Are you a busy professional? Do you feel you do not have time to work out? From my book 12 Steps to Fitness Freedom here is my great client Ashley's 12 Steps to Fitness as a Business Professional.

1. Know what your fitness goal (s) is so you can start planning accordingly.

Figuring out how many times you need to workout, when, where, how much time it will take, etc. will help you begin planning your weeks ahead.

2. Schedule exercise as you would any other appointment for the day.

This makes you more accountable; especially if you have trainer. You know how frustrated you get when someone cancels on you so don't cancel on yourself.

3. If you eat on the run, plan for it.

Have meals planned and packed or know the healthiest options there are at restaurants near you.

4. If necessary, sacrifice one or more luxuries so you can afford the exercise regime that is best for you.

As busy professionals, we often spoil ourselves with conveniences. Make fitness your #1 convenience. One of the easiest ways to do this is to eat out less; start packing your lunch. Clean your own house, mow your own yard, etc. Or it may as simple as asking yourself, "Do I really need those shoes or that suit or dress?"

5. Set goals and reward yourself accordingly.

As business professionals we are used to having goals to attain and we know the satisfaction and gratification we feel when accomplish them. Set your personal fitness goals (perhaps quarterly) and tie a reward to each to give yourself something to strive towards.

6. Get enough rest.

7. Tell family, friends and/or coworkers what you're doing.

This may motivate them to jump on board with you. If nothing else, it becomes a topic of discussion which will also create a sense of accountability. When they ask you about it, you will want to be able to share your successes just as you enjoy sharing your professional successes.

8. Move more throughout the day.

Print copies to the printer down the hall and not the one at your desk. Go see the person in the building you need to talk to instead of calling or emailing them. Park in the farthest parking space from the door instead of the closest you can find. Take the stairs!

9. Cut back on time spent surfing the Internet, social media, apps, etc.

I bet if you logged how much time you spent on mobile devices alone each day, you would find the amount of time you need to exercise and still have a sufficient amount of time for technology.

10. Take workout clothes and tennis shoes with you each day.

Always be prepared for the days that you do have a little more time. Perhaps a meeting gets cancelled which creates an opening in your schedule. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of effective 10-15 minute workouts out there!

11. Delegate.
Find trustworthy individuals (whether it be family members, friends, co-workers, etc.) to help you with a few items on your to-do list so it can free up enough time for you to exercise.

12. Quit telling yourself that you will start exercising once things calm down!

Life isn't calming down at this stage, it's only getting busier. Work alone is enough to make you realize this! Trust me though, if you incorporate fitness into your already busy routine, you will mentally and physically feel a sense of calmness that can come from no other place.