How to evaluate nutritional labels and what they mean for your body.

Turkish Get-Up

Step-by-Step instructions on one of the most popular total body Kettlebell exercises.‚Äč


Demonstrating the ever popular squat with shoulder press...aka Thruster.

Foam Rolling

How to foam roll one of the most overused and injured areas: the IT band.

ViPR Hip-Through's

Miss Kentucky demonstrating a fat-blasting total body exercise.

Goal Setting

I walk you through determining what goals to set, and how to achieve them.

Kettlebell Snatch

Former coworker Chad and I demonstrate the Kettlebell Snatch at my old stomping ground.

Miss Kentucky's Testimonial

Find out what Miss Kentucky, Jessica Casebolt, says about training with me!

Kettlebell Windmill

My client, Lindsey DeMoss, demonstrating the Kettlebell Windmill.

Rope Pulls

This exercise works your entire body. Do you have what it takes? Lindsey does!!

ViPR Lunge with Press

A get-sexy-quick exercise that targets legs, glutes, and shoulders.

Beach Body Abs

Learn how to do the Russian Twist, an easy exercise which targets abs!

TRX Knee Drives

A simple, but effective exercise to target abs.

TRX Lunge

Romanian Deadlifts

ViPR Drill

This is a great total body exercises that burns fat and targets legs and glutes.

TRX T-Spine Rotation

JB's Appearance on WLEX

Proper Kettlebell Swings

The Perfect Pushup